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Image of Integra Enclosures' Impact Series
Impact Series

Integra Enclosures' impact series compact enclosures are 100% non-metallic and virtually corrosion-free when equipped with EZ Hinge and an integrated latch.

Image of EPCOS' B25632E Series DC Link Power Capacitors
B25632E Series DC Link Power Capacitors

EPCOS/TDK’s B25632E series DC link power capacitors are available for rated voltages of 700 VDC to 2000 VDC and cover a capacitance range of 20 µF to 270 µF.

Image of Amphenol Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies' PC420 Series 4 mA to 20 mA Vibration Sensors
PC420 Series 4 mA to 20 mA Vibration Sensors

Amphenol Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies' PC420 series sensors provide continuous 4 mA to 20 mA vibration trend data for machine monitoring.

Image of ATC RF/Microwave Multilayer Capacitors (MLC)
RF/Microwave Multilayer Capacitors (MLC)

ATC’s RF/Microwave multilayer capacitors are ideal for a variety of applications such as low-noise amplifiers and DC blocking.

Image of Jabil Photonics' 25 G SFP28 LR Transceiver
25 G SFP28 LR Transceiver

Jabil Photonics' 25 G SFP28 LR transceiver is designed for 24.33 Gbps and 25.78 Gbps data rate over single mode fiber (SMF).

Image of Jabil Photonics' General Pluggable Platforms
General Pluggable Platforms

Jabil Photonics' general pluggable platforms (GPP) are optical transmission platforms with strong versatility, available in 1RU or 2RU.

Image of Nexperia's 2 in 1 trEOS High-Speed ESD Protection
2 in 1 TrEOS High-Speed ESD Protection

Nexperia`s 2 in 1 TrEOS protection devices provide a compact method to suppress ESD in USB3.2, HDMI2.1, and other high-speed data lines.

Image of Banner Engineering Lighted Single-Ended Cordsets
Lighted Single-Ended Cordsets

Banner Engineering’s lighted cordsets feature a built-in indication for high visibility of power and sensor output status.

Image of 3M's Cavity Wax Plus and Wand
Cavity Wax Plus and Wand

3M™ cavity wax plus 08852 is a simple and effective way to ensure corrosion protection, one of the most important parts of automotive repairs.

Image of Linx's N Connectors
N Connectors

Linx Technologies' white bronze N connectors are available in many different styles to allow for flexibility in design and integration.

Image of Microchip Technology's dsPIC33CK256MC10x Digital Signal Processor Family
dsPIC33CK256MC10x Digital Signal Processor Family

Microchip Technology's dsPIC33CK256MC10x digital signal processor is well suited for cost-competitive automotive, consumer, and industrial applications.

Image of Knowles DLI’s Satellite Communications Components
Satellite Communications Components

Knowles DLI’s satellite communications components are low-SWaP devices for both ground- and flight-capable hardware.

Image of Würth's WR-MPC3 3.00 mm Micro Power Connectors
WR-MPC3 3 mm Micropower Connectors

Würth's WR-MPC3 3.00 mm micropower connectors are suitable for applications that need high current in a limited amount of space.

SpeedFit™ Online Simulator - Cree
SpeedFit™ SiC Design Simulator

Wolfspeed's SpeedFit is a powerful online circuit simulation tool that is dedicated to simulating and evaluating the performance of SiC power devices.

Image of Keystone Electronics' Grade 2 Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws
Grade 2 Titanium Socket-Head Cap Screws

Keystone Electronics' line of titanium socket-head cap screws are manufactured from C-276, Grade 2 titanium meeting DIN912 specifications.