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Image of STMicroelectronics' TS883IST Rail-to-Rail 0.9 V Nanopower Comparator
TS883IST Rail-to-Rail 0.9 V Nano-Power Comparator

STMicroelectronics' TS883 is a nano-power comparator which features an ultra-low supply current with rail-to-rail input capability and open-drain output.

Image of Jensen Global's NT Series Dispensing Tips
NT Series Premium Dispensing Tips

Jensen Global's premium NT series dispensing tips provide smooth flow for precise dispensing applications.

Image of TDK Corporation's B3277*X/Y/Z Series Film Capacitors
B3277*X/Y/Z Series Film Capacitors

TDK Corporation's B3277*X/Y/Z series are designed for rated voltages between 500 VDC and 1200 VDC with standard capacitance range from 1.5 µF to 170 µF.

Image of Abracon's AX3, AK5, and AK7 ClearClock™ XO Series
AX3, AK5, and AK7 ClearClock™ XO Series

Abracon's crystal oscillators are designed to meet the needs of compact applications requiring carrier frequencies in the 100 MHz to 220 MHz range.

Image of TDK-Lambda FQA-FQB Series MIL-COTS EMC Filters

TDK-Lambda’s FQA and FQB series of EMC filters are designed with a high differential and common mode noise attenuation.

Image of Digilent's Zedboard Advanced Image Processing Kit
ZedBoard Advanced Image Processing Kit

Digilent's ZedBoard advanced image processing kit is ideal for applications such as video analytics, machine vision, and medical imaging.

Image of Digilent's Pmod PIR Passive Infrared Motion Sensor
Pmod PIR Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Digilent's Pmod PIR passive infrared motion sensor can detect movement up to 5 meters away making it ideal for long-term motion-sensing applications.

Image of SunLED's Ultra-Low Current LEDs
Ultra-Low Current LEDs

SunLED’s highly reliable and consistent ultra-low current LEDs support engineering demands with over 90% power reduction compared to traditional LEDs.

Image of Particle Industries' Xenon Development Kit
Xenon Development Kit

Particle's Xenon is a powerful mesh-enabled development kit that can act as either an endpoint or repeater for Particle mesh networks.

Image of Adam Tech's RF Cable Assemblies and Antennas
RF Cable Assemblies and Antennas

Adam Tech RF Cable assemblies and antennas are available in a broad range configuration of RF connector types.

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1555F Series IP68 Wall Mounted Enclosures for Harsh Environments
1555F Series IP68 Wall Mounted Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Hammond’s 1555F series IP68 wall mounted enclosures are designed for PCB-based or DIN rail-based equipment such as security components and control equipment.

Image of Panduit's IntraVUE™ Edge
IntraVUE™ Edge Permanently Licensed Appliance

Panduit's IntraVUE™ Edge is a network documentation and monitoring solution that is capable of monitoring the status of all devices within the network.

Image of Stewart Connectors Harsh Environment M12 Circular Connectors – SS-12000 Series
Harsh-Environment M12 Circular Connectors - SS-12000 Series

Stewart Connector’s SS-12000 series of M12 circular connectors are waterproof rated to IP67.

Image of Terasic's DE5a-Net-DDR4 Arria®10 Accelerator
DE5a-Net-DDR4 Arria®10 Accelerator

Terasic’s DE5a-Net-DDR4 is purpose-built to accelerate artificial intelligence, high-frequency trading, and high-performance computing workloads.

Image of Kycon's 5 position Audio Jack and Plug
5-Position Audio Jack and Plug

Kycon's 5-position audio jack and plug are designed for full, balanced audio, active noise-canceling headphones, and binaural recordings.