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Image of Toshiba's Power Mux Solution
Power Mux Solution

Toshiba's Power Mux solution is a high-side gate driver and common drain MOSFET.

Image of DB Unlimited's TE054003-6 Buzzer
TE054003-6 Buzzer

DB Unlimited’s TE054003-6 buzzer is a 5 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm surface-mount electromechanical transducer that is 5 dB louder than any similar product or configuration.

L4985 and L4986 CCM PFC Controllers - STMicroelectronics
L4985/L4986 CCM PFC Controllers

STMicroelectronics' L4985A/B and L4986A/B are peak current-mode PFC controllers for boost converters with a proprietary multiplier emulator.

Image of CUI Inc's 70 W Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supplies
70 W Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supplies

CUI Inc’s VBM-70 series enclosed AC/DC converters feature a 90 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage range and a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

Image of Amphenol RF's AUTOMATE Type A Mini-FAKRA Cable Assemblies
AUTOMATE® Type-A Mini-FAKRA Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF's AUTOMATE® Type-A Mini-FAKRA quad-port jack to four SMA plugs or jacks breakout cables is designed on highly flexible TFC-302LL cable.

STEVAL-IDB012V1 BLE Evaluation Platform - STMicroelectronics
STEVAL-IDB012V1 BLE Evaluation Platform

STMicroelectronics' evaluation platform helps develop and test Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) applications using the low-power BlueNRG-LPS system on chip (SoC).

TSB582 Dual Operational Amplifier - STMicroelectronics
TSB582 Dual Operational Amplifier

STMicroelectronics' TSB582 is a unity gain stable, dual operational amplifier with high voltage and high current capability, featuring internal protections.

Image of Analog Devices' CN0569 Infrared Gesture Recognition Module
CN0569 Infrared Gesture Recognition Module

ADI's CN0569 infrared gesture recognition module offers a highly integrated optical front end that reduces the need for additional components.

Image of Bel Power Solutions' FLS250 and MFLS250 Series AC/DC Converters
FLS250 and MFLS250 Series AC/DC Converters

Bel’s EOS Power FLS250 and MFLS250 series are highly efficient compact power supplies featuring fanless power with ratings up to 250 W or 350 W with air.

Image of 3M's Hard Hats
Hard Hats

3M's hard hats, faceshields, combination systems, and accessories are designed and produced to meet the diverse needs of customers, including styles and colors.

Image of Amphenol Advanced Sensors' Pressure and Temperature Combination Sensor
Pressure and Temperature Combination Sensor

Amphenol Advanced Sensors' Thermometrics pressure and temperature combination sensor provides both pressure and temperature measurements in one sensor assembly.

Image of Analog Devices' MAX98365 Amplifier
MAX98365 Amplifier

Analog Devices' MAX9865 digital audio interface automatically recognizes different PCM and TDM clocking schemes.

VNF1048F High-Side Switch Controller - STMicroelectronics
VNF1048F High-Side Switch Controller

STMicroelectronics' VNF1048F device is an advanced controller for a power MOSFET designed for the implementation of an intelligent high-side switch.

Image of Analog Devices MAX77857 Buck-Boost Converter
MAX77857 Buck-Boost Converter

Analog Devices' MAX77857 buck-boost high-efficiency converter operates in PWM mode and implements an automatic SKIP mode to improve light-load efficiency.

Image of Analog Devices' ADMV8526 Digitally Tunable Band-Pass Filter
ADMV8526 Digitally Tunable Band-Pass Filter

Analog Devices' ADMV8526 digitally tunable band-pass filter's compact size and flexible tunability simplify design and reduce engineering development time.