High Temperature ET Series TEMs

Laird Thermal Systems' high temperature thermoelectric modules (TEMs) for challenging applications

Image of Laird Thermal Systems' HiTemp ET Series TEMsLaird Thermal Systems' high temperature ET series TEMs protect critical devices and assemblies in higher current, higher temperature environments. The series offers active cooling for applications operating in temperatures ranging from +80°C to +150°C. These TEMs offer a cooling capacity of more than 338 W in a compact form factor and deliver temperature stability to ensure peak operating performance in challenging environments including optical transceivers, LIDAR, DLP, and CMOS applications. The high temperature ET series offers precise temperature control accuracy achieving ±0.01°C.

Features Applications
  • Up to 338 W of heat pumping capacity
  • Smaller form factor
  • Lighter weight package
  • Temperature control accuracy ±0.01°C
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Outdoor
  • Telecom

Laird Thermal Systems' Thermal Wizard helps users find the best thermal solution based on their requirements. Users can input their Qc requirements or they can determine their Qc values with Laird’s calculators to quickly view the optimum thermal management solution.

High Temperature ET Series TEMs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ET12, 18, F2A, 0606, 11, W2.25387001814ET12, 18, F2A, 0606, 11, W2.25100 - ImmediateView Details
ET15,31,F2A,0909,11,W2.25387001815ET15,31,F2A,0909,11,W2.250View Details
ET15,65,F2A,1312,11,W2.25387001816ET15,65,F2A,1312,11,W2.250View Details
ET4,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W6387001768ET4,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W612 - ImmediateView Details
ET4,3,F1,2020,TA,RT,W6387001789ET4,3,F1,2020,TA,RT,W613 - ImmediateView Details
ET4,7,F2,3030,TA,RT,W6387001793ET4,7,F2,3030,TA,RT,W60View Details
ET5,6,F1,2040,TA,RT,W6387001794ET5,6,F1,2040,TA,RT,W69 - ImmediateView Details
ET6,12,F1,3030,TA,RT,W6387001795ET6,12,F1,3030,TA,RT,W60View Details
ET6,12,F1,4040,TA,RT,W6387001835ET6,12,F1,4040,TA,RT,W693 - ImmediateView Details
ET6,3,F1,2020,TA,RT,W6387001837ET6,3,F1,2020,TA,RT,W66 - ImmediateView Details
ET6,7,F2,3030,TA,RT,W6387001838ET6,7,F2,3030,TA,RT,W60View Details
ET8,12,F2,2525,TA,RT,W6387001823ET8,12,F2,2525,TA,RT,W690 - ImmediateView Details
ET11,12,F2,3030,TA,RT,W6387001824ET11,12,F2,3030,TA,RT,W60View Details
ET15,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W6387001825ET15,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W636 - ImmediateView Details
ET8,28,F2,5252,TA,RT,W6387001826ET8,28,F2,5252,TA,RT,W622 - ImmediateView Details
ET15,24,F2,5252,TA,RT,W6387001827ET15,24,F2,5252,TA,RT,W665 - ImmediateView Details
ET15,28,F2,5252,TA,RT,W6387001828ET15,28,F2,5252,TA,RT,W641 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-05-14